Sunday, 2 October 2022

Do it yourself -2022


“One Day Workshop on PCB Design”


Monday, 3 January 2022

PCB Design workshop organised on 19 Dec 2021 for III semester E&CE students

 Inaugural function was conducted on 17th December in room No. 25 at 3:15pm.  Workshop day: Explaining the Software for designing layout and Circuit connection, Ironing, Etching process, Drilling, Soldering components was done. Finally circuit was tested.  Circuits designed: Blinking of LEDs using 555 timer with variable delay.  Faculty Co-ordinator: Dr. S. V. Viraktamath.  Student Co-ordinators: Rohan B, Vidya, Devidas N. And Vidya  Student Mentors: Saimanthan K, Lohit N, Tejaswi H, Jahnavi R, Arfaali N, Satvik.  Student Volunteers: Aditi A, Darshan J, Vinayak W, Disha S, Arpita T, Divya M, Totashree, Siddhartha N, Rahul P, Prajwal A, Tulasaraddi G, Usha H.

Sunday, 28 November 2021

School visit Concluded in Nov 2021

 Many students took classes for high school students. Team Unnati coordinated this event. Students visited Yerikoppa school whenever they are free and took classes according to the syllabus given by the school authorities. Congratulations to all of you.